How to Turn On Dark Mode on Google Search

  1. Using Browser Dark Mode: If your web browser supports a dark mode feature, it might automatically apply a dark theme to websites, including Google Search. Here’s how you can enable dark mode in some popular web browsers:
    • Google Chrome: Open Chrome’s settings, go to “Appearance,” and enable the “Dark” theme.
    • Mozilla Firefox: Open Firefox’s settings, go to “Extensions & Themes,” and apply a dark theme.
    • Microsoft Edge: Open Edge’s settings, go to “Appearance,” and select a dark theme.
  2. Using Browser Extensions: Some browser extensions can force websites, including Google Search, into dark mode. These extensions modify the website’s CSS to apply a dark theme. Search for browser extensions like “Dark Reader” or “Night Eye” and install them in your browser.
  3. Using System-wide Dark Mode: If your operating system supports a system-wide dark mode, it might affect the appearance of websites as well. Enabling the system-wide dark mode will often change the appearance of websites when viewed in supported browsers.

Remember that these methods might change based on updates to browsers and operating systems. It’s a good idea to check the latest resources or official documentation for your specific browser or operating system for the most up-to-date instructions on enabling dark mode.

As of my last update, Google itself did not have a direct dark mode for its search interface, so the appearance might vary depending on the method you use to enable dark mode.

Written by Clara Lee