Best Home Buying Apps

Please note that the availability and popularity of apps can change over time, and new apps may have emerged since then. Here are some of the best home buying apps that were well-regarded:

  1. Zillow: The Zillow app provides a comprehensive platform for searching homes for sale and rent, estimating home values, and connecting with real estate agents.
  2.’s app offers up-to-date listings, property information, and tools to help you find and research homes.
  3. Redfin: Redfin’s app provides access to MLS listings, allows you to schedule home tours, and even offers a feature called “Redfin Now” for instant offers on select properties.
  4. Trulia: Trulia’s app offers property listings, neighborhood insights, and tools for home buyers and renters.
  5. The app allows you to search for homes, view property details, and save your favorite listings.
  6. Estately: Estately’s app offers a user-friendly interface with property listings and search filters for specific criteria, such as commute times and schools.
  7. Zumper: Zumper’s app specializes in rental listings, making it useful for those looking for apartments and rental properties.
  8.’s app is specifically designed for apartment hunters, providing a range of rental listings and tools.
  9. Trulia Rentals: Trulia’s dedicated rentals app focuses on helping you find rental properties and apartments.
  10. Mortgage Calculator by QL: This app by Quicken Loans offers a mortgage calculator to help you estimate monthly payments and plan your budget.
  11. Redfin Mortgage: Redfin’s mortgage app provides tools for calculating mortgage payments, estimating closing costs, and getting pre-approved.
  12. HomeSnap: HomeSnap’s app allows you to take photos of homes and instantly get information about them, including listing details and estimated values.
  13. House Hunter: House Hunter is an app that helps you organize and keep track of properties you’ve visited, making the home search process more organized.
  14. Home by Fannie Mae: This app provides resources and tools for understanding the home buying process, including calculators and educational materials.

It’s important to explore these apps and determine which ones align with your specific needs and preferences. Additionally, new apps may have emerged since my last update, so I recommend checking app stores and reading recent reviews to find the most up-to-date and relevant home buying apps for your situation.

Written by Clara Lee